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Tenpoundpom.com is for anyone who is interested in Australia... not just Poms!

Learn about Australia's fascinating immigration history, trace lost friends and relatives, share your own migration story or just sit back and enjoy a good read.

Since the end of the Second World War Australia has welcomed around a million immigrants per decade, including more than a million Ten Pound Poms. Each new migrant has a unique story to tell about how they moved to another world and helped to shape a nation.

Do you know a Ten Pound Pom? Have you ever asked an Australian immigrant what made them move to Australia? You will hear amazing stories of adventure, frustration and achievement. Stories about leaving family and friends behind and the challenges of building a new life in a foreign land.

Tenpoundpom.com preserves your migration stories for future generations. If your parents or grandparents emigrated to Australia and you never thought to ask them about it, now is the time!

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Latest News

Everybody needs good neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours

Listen up Poms and Aussies. Forget the Ashes. Forget Eurovision. Neighbours is reinventing its iconic theme song and a competition has been launched between Australia and the UK to find a new singer. Have you got what it takes to be the new voice of one of the world's most recognised TV theme songs?To submit your entry you will need to download the famous backing track off the Neighbours website... Read more.

Whingeing Poms

Whingeing Poms

Anagram lovers will not be surprised to discover that "Olympic Park" gives rise to "A Prickly Pom". With only a few days until the opening ceremony in London, the Poms are whingeing up a storm, giving rise to a flurry of "Pommy Bashing" news articles and television programmes in Australia. Mayor Boris Johnson has taken the extraordinary step of telling Londoners to "put a sock in it", describing... Read more.

Olympic Ten Pound Poms

Olympic Ten Pound Poms

Ten pounds can get you a long way...  at least it used to. A tenner used to buy you a boat ticket from England to Australia. Nowadays it is the cost of watching an Olympic cycling race on a giant screen.The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has made the controversial decision to charge thousands of spectators a fee of ten pounds to enter the Olympic... Read more.


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Top £10 Story

Was reading a Sunday paper in 1971 when I spotted an ad for tram conductors in Melbourne. I had wanted to go to Oz as my uncle emigrated in 1961, so I thought what the heck. Replied to ad. Got a quick response. Next thing I know I was called to The Strand for a medical and within a month I was on board the Ellinis bound for Oz.


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Famous Ten Pound Poms

Kylie Minogue (Carol Jones)

Kylie Minogue (Carol Jones)

Arrived: 1955

Ship: New Australia

Kylie is one of many famous Australians with parents who were Ten Pound Poms.


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The United Nations estimates that there are 16.7m refugees in the world.


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